My new career at Sea!


“Here is my picture working on bingo, as a cruise director staff. Everything is going really great since the time I started my Interviews. The process went very quickly and I always felt that I could count on my recruiter Dani from KMCC for everything. I’ve been super happy with my job and all I can say is a big thank you for the opportunity!”
Best regards,
Gabrielle Matos

Every day people start a new career at sea and board a ship, somewhere in the world, looking for a new adventure. It’s daunting and exciting and we try our very best to prepare these new hires for this big step into a career at sea. From the moment we screen a candidates resume we set people up for success and being brutally honest is part of that. We pull no punches and ensure that we give our candidates all the information they will need to get through the hiring process and get ready to join a ship.

It is a lot! Medical exams,  visas, saying goodbye to the family dog, packing for 6 months. We know, we have all been there, and that I believe that is the secret of our success as recruiters. We are people who care, who have lived on ships and who know what life at sea is all about so we can prepare our candidates and tell them exactly what to expect when they get on board.  We know, from the moment we Skype interview someone, if they have exactly what it takes to make a new life on board a cruise ship!

The greatest reward is helping people begin a new adventure and then getting the wonderful feedback from them and  we receive many e mails and messages from our new recruits and photos of them exploring new and exciting destinations.

So, as I write this today in my office in Florida I realize how lucky I was to have had a great career at sea and sometimes I do miss those Cruise Staff days; (even the bunk bed cabin and running around to check bingo numbers!) It was a blast. I made ships my career and became a Cruise Director and always had a lot of fun and certainly adventures.

The great news is, 20 years later I have a Facebook full of ship friends I met as Cruise Staff and am still part of this amazing community of ship people! So if you have never considered ship life, you really should. You have nothing to lose and only amazing experiences and new frienships to gain. BINGO!



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