“6 months away is too long, can I just go for 2?”

Every day we interview people for shipboard positions. Many people have thoroughly researched the role and know the contracts are long but there are also a lot of people who are genuinely amazed by that news! We get asked if people can take their cat, can they fly back for a dentist appointment or can they just see if they like it for a couple of weeks on a trial basis!!  Leaving for several months is a big decision and for many not an option but this is a whole new career and chapter in your life and 7 months actually flies by!!

When you join a ship you have to adjust to a new lifestyle and also do your safety training while you learn all about your job. You have a whole new circle of friends to get to know and also all those great ports to visit! For many its about travel and with limited time in ports you have to visit each several times to do all the fun things on offer.

For others, its about money and saving up to send home or invest in your future. Whatever you reasons are the cruise lines want people who are committed to the position and they can invest in. There are multiple training courses on board and of course the opportunity to get promoted and take on a career that could last you many years and give you security and investment opportunities!

The rare exception for shorter contracts are seasonal youth and sports staff opportunities and also for guest entertainers and musicians. If you would like to know more about these then please e mail us: info@mayburywebbcreative.com

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