Lets get sailing again!

Since Coronavirus hit our industry the last few months have been devastating for everyone in the hospitality, entertainment and leisure industries. For the KMCC team, and all of the cruise lines crew, staff, entertainers, casts, musicians and shoreside people.

We have all suffered and many have become unemployed or furloughed.

Everyone is wondering what is next? Personally we have closed our US studio, had production shows taken off ships sent to wet dock, performers have lost dates, new crew members visa and medical ready are now sat at home, not knowing when and if their contract will begin and crucially important, many crew are still at sea unable to get home!!  As KMCC gets ready to get back to work we know that we have to be positive and look ahead to brighter and bolder horizons. Our team is ready, waiting daily for e mails and phone calls from the cruise lines we work with telling us telling us “we are back in business!!”

2020…. What happened? This year has been traumatizing for the world and the question on everyones lips is…..”what now?” Sadly there is no real answer. We are dedicated to the cruise industry and watch hopefully as the cruise lines navigate through this unprecedented time, trying to make financial sense of the future and forging ahead,  trying their very best to get this industry back on its feet! However, with stringent health guidelines and the push back and lack of support from government related agencies, this is making this situation very difficult. But we must be optimistic!

The team at KMCC will survive. The agency started with just me sat on my patio bombarding every cruise lines HR department with e mails. And thats where I am now! Once again, I have a bedroom that has become an office and my Skype is fired up and ready to chat with some talented faces sooner rather than later! Our UK based Lancaster office is fortunately supported by local council and Rich’s desk is still there, sat ready in “The Creative Hub” for him to drive back to and enjoy his amazing view of Lancaster castle as he interviews candidates. Meanwhile in France,  Dani and David always worked from their home in France and are ready to stop renovating their yard and start screening and processing our fabulous crew again. We are here for you all. The ships will come back, we just don’t have exact dates and concise information of what is the new “normal” for processing candidates.

We have spent the past 7 years forging relationships with team members and shoreside recruiters to get 100’s of crew on board and at this time we have many crew in limbo, not knowing when they will join a ship or fly home from one but know we are always here for you!

Now, we reach out and offer any mental and emotional support to crew on a ship or at home wondering whats happening, we also want to be proactive and see what countries have reopened their borders or are in a more positive place managing the virus situation.

We want to answer the below questions and assist the lines in getting the crew back on the ships as several lines prepare to launch a few cruises and “test the waters”.

If you have accurate knowledge of the process and protocol for getting tested and joining a ship we would love you to share it. Please send the information to info@mayburywebbcreative.com with “PCR testing question July 2020″ in the subject line.

The main questions is are PCR tests available to the public on request in your country and are you able to get tested? Also are there any restrictions from local government or any other institution?
As we try and get crew ready and back to work any information is helpful. If you have been recruited through KMCC or have any information please send us it asap. We are trying to be proactive and support the lines as they build a strategic plan to get the ships sailing again.
Until we sail again, Karen, Rich, Dani and David.

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