What’s next for Cruising in 2021?

As we all know, 2020 was a nightmare for all of us in hospitality, entertainment and for the team here at KMCC, NOT CRUISING!!! What the heck? How did we all go from being super busy, sending all of you guys off on new adventures on the high seas, to sitting at home watching “Contagion” and scaring ourselves into a frenzy? It all seems so surreal. We had numerous candidates heading off to join vessels around the world and wonderful team members embarking on new careers that were just barely getting their sea legs on board and boom! The world hit “pause” and people lost jobs and thousands of crew were stuck on board their ships with cruise lines frantically scrambling to repatriate their crew members.

That was last year, so what about this year? With the ever changing CDC guidelines the US cruise lines patiently wait to get started again and are constantly investing money adapting their ships and business models to be able to resume sailing safely. The dates for that restart change all the time but following the news, helps to gain perspective, and each line is constantly updating their statements about revised sailing dates.

After 12 months of pausing interviews a ray of hope came for us when one major line started to ask us to submit medical personnel for interviews and now have extended that request to other limited positions. Many crew who were on board have decided to pursue land opportunities and stay home and understandably a lot can happen in 12 months such as weddings, babies and new ventures!

As we slowly start to screen applicants it is important that candidates understand what cruising in 2021 will be like. Although protocols are still being worked on, many things will be common sense and are already being confirmed from various cruise lines. Most lines are asking for all crew to have a flu vaccination prior to joining. The larger brands such as Royal and Norwegian require Covid vaccines for crew and if this isn’t an option in your country, we are confident that the lines will find a way to work this out. Mask wearing will be mandatory and quarantine prior to beginning work on board required.

Prior to last March, we advertised cruising as a way to see the world and make new friends. We believe this still will be the case. However, realistically many of the destinations are still working through the pandemic and there may be restrictions on shore leave. You will of course still make new friends but social distancing is the new norm and we are sure this will affect large crew gatherings and limit crew bar attendance,

Anyone who has been on board will be familiar with the cleaning procedures related to Noravirus and we advise all team members to be aware that they are team players first and foremost and will be expected to work with enhanced cleaning and probably sanitize their areas and lounges. This is about everyones health and ensuring your team and your self are kept safe and healthy!

It is important to be part of the solution and embrace this wonderful industry and thousands of jobs that cruise lines create. Life on board may not be the crazy wild party it was before but it will be a new way of embracing life! As we move forward and hopefully we invite you to send us your resume and look forward to having our team members on board the ships again!

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