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11036762_10155658012560720_6293791491817694552_n.jpgThe team at KMCC is dedicated to assisting people find work on board luxury cruise liners and help them have the adventure of a life time. We are a team of individuals who have all worked on board cruise ships and know first hand about the experience you are about to have. Karen Maybury was a Cruise Director for many years and has an extensive background in entertainment. Dani was a Crew Purser and Guest Services Manager and Rich has worked on board as a DJ, Assistant Cruise Director and Entertainment Manager. We also have David Hitchen who brings years of shipboard experience to the KMCC family!

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We are always available to assist you throughout your hiring process and support you with any questions you may have.

Please visit our other websites to find out more about our entertainment company “Maybury Webb Creative” and our training and creative services. We specialize in artist management and development and represent a host of talented individuals.

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