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Because we are recruiting people from all over the world Skype is the way of todays interviewers , especially to work on the cruise liners. It is so important that you are logged on and ready. You need to treat this as a regular interview so set up your computer well in advance and do a test call so you know the sound is working and you can be seen clearly, from the waist up in the screen. Dress smartly, just as if you were attending a regular interview and do your research!!  Read up on the company you are interviewing with and ensure you have carefully read over the job description and can answer questions about the position and about the cruise line.

Speak clearly, show your personality and don’t over answer questions. lengthy explanations are unnecessary and you only have a limited time to make a great impression and get that job!!!

Good Luck, Karen


Before you leave on your trip make sure you have everything you need and create a checklist: original copy of your medical, visa and passport, money, contact list for the port agent, your tickets and itinerary.

First blog post by Karen Maybury

Well this is it! A brand new website and year three of my recruitment endeavors!! How did it it all start? To be honest, my friend Jan Thomas really loved recruitment and talked me into it! She thought we should use our combined expertise to help young people get careers on ships. We both had enjoyed the most amazing life experience at sea and between us felt we had all aspects of the shipboard entertainment teams covered. Jan had worked in recruitment for a few years and wanted to use some of her free time interviewing potential theater techs. I had been a Cruise Director for many years and knew all the in’s and out’s of the various positions especially the cruise and youth staff roles.

Karen, Nora, Jan
 Jan, Nora and I on board the MS Sovereign of the Seas

Jan and I met when I was a cruise staff and she was a production manager way back in 1993 on board the “Sovereign of the Seas”. At that time the Sovereign was one of the biggest ships in the world! I had never been on a ship and thought I was coming on board to MC shows and do some stand up comedy and Jan was hard at work running the theater. Jan probably spent a lot of time keeping me out of trouble and explaining my northern sense of humor to baffled American guests. I had no idea what a shuffleboard puck was let alone why people would want to hit it up and down and was disappointed to know that my MC skills would only be used occasionally for the Guest Talent Show and explaining the mystifying rules of Horse Racing. That being said, we became fast friends and once I had got over the initial trauma of organizing ping-pong tournaments for 80 ( very competitive) people a day I went on to have a  fabulous and rewarding career of over 20 years at sea.


So here I am today, to share my knowledge, my connections, my experiences and give my support to people who want to venture off to the high seas. I may share some saucy secrets along the way and certainly most likely tell a few outrageous tales of what we all got up to back then! But you know? That’s what made it all worthwhile! It’s about living life to the fullest and having an adventure and I do hope that some of my shipboard colleagues will share a few tales as we go along. Get ready for some fun! KMCC is hitting the high seas again!

Jan and Karen unhappy in Alaska.jpg
Jan and Karen in Alaska hiding from some toothless wonders!

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