Musicians Wanted

At this time we are looking for musicians for the ships band and also a stand alone horn trio. Please e mail your resume, you tube links of you playing live and a current headshot to

**All musicians must have excellent sight reading ability and be physically fit. Contracts are generally 6 months with a shared cabin.

This weeks featured positions are horn players:
The ability to extend beyond a performer into an entertainer.
Musical proficiency in tone, articulation, dynamics, and phrasing comparable to University-level education or higher.
Advanced improvisational skills as a musician.
Advanced sight-reading and transposition skills.
Ability and previous experience operating loopers, harmonizers, and programs such as Ableton Live.
Knowledge of Top 40 music styles from the 1960s through today.
Applicable experience in wedding/bar bands, alongside DJ’s, pit bands and similar commercial music ensembles.
Ability to quickly and effortlessly memorize music under tight timelines.
Tenor as a primary horn with professional level Alto proficiency is required.
Saxophonists with developed altissimo are preferred.
Proficiency with Soprano and Baritone sax is plus!
Optional Flute Double: Range must include up to a high C or beyond; the ability to double and triple tongue is preferred.
Range: must include up to a high E or beyond.
Players with strong experience as a split Lead/2nd player are required.
Flugelhorn proficiency is a plus!
Range: must include at least down to a low E and up to a high C or beyond.
Ability to stand while performing for extended periods of time is required.
Proficiency in the English language.

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