Hurricanes are very common in Florida and the Caribbean usually between September and October and many people are affected. If you are on a ship when a hurricane is on its way you are actually in the best place! They navigate away from the hurricanes path and ensure everyone is safe and out of harms out.

Many cruise lines do humanitarian work and lease or lend their ships to help the islanders and house the emergency teams. Carnival Cruise Line were a huge support during hurricane Katrina and based ships in New Orleans to house people. Royal Caribbean International and Norwegian Cruise Lines have been ferrying people to safety during Irma along with the Bahamas Celebration relocating to St Thomas for three months to assist in the restoration of the islands and Mickey Arison of the Carnival Corporation pledging millions to aid hurricane relief!

Most likely the cruise lines will offload the guests and cancel upcoming cruises during the hurricane giving full refunds and an onboard credit. They will then relocate with the crew to a safe area out at sea and for the crew on board it is happy days! You get to enjoy the ship and the excitement of escaping from a hurricane.

Hurricanes are no fun though. They leave a path of destruction and rip peoples lives and homes apart. If you are able to assist in any way during this time please do. If the guests remain on board the ship will be 100% operational and although some ports will be missed and sea days added they will appreciate the opportunity to still enjoy a quality vacation.

If you are a crew member who has family affected by a hurricane or any kind of disaster whilst you are on board do speak with the Human Resources Director and your shipboard manager who will be able to guide and support you.

Here are some articles on the efforts from Norwegian Cruise Holdings, Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean International and how the cruise lines come together during these times to help people:

Norwegian Cruise Holdings President and CEO Andy Stuart greets Irma evacuees. I personally have had the pleasure to work with and meet Andy several times and he is a wonderful role model and example of what good you can do when leading a large corporation.

People come together through all sorts of situations and if you are a crew member and its hurricane season you can be one of many who extends your hand to people in need, works in a team and has an amazing memory of a life changing event!










Advice from the team @kmccrecruit

Life on board is fun, fun, fun!!  But remember you are working 7 days a week and need to be sure that you are fresh and ready for work every day. Drink plenty of water, eat well and rest. I was one of those fortunate people who could go to bed at 3 am and be wide awake at 7 am and ready for the day but I don’t really recommend it nowadays. My secret back then? Lots of water and afternoon naps. However, if you are on port duty an afternoon nap may not be an option so remember, this is your job, your new career and also now and then they may do an alcohol test. So party wisely, save your money and enjoy the opportunity.

Also you are going to be with these people ( your fellow crew members) for 6 or 7 months so make friends and treat everyone with respect. Make sure you say “hi” to everyone and remember if someone just walks past and doesn’t acknowledge you they may be having a bad day so give them the benefit of the doubt ( until it happens again that is!)

Also when you are walking in crew areas wear sensible shoes and don’t have your headphones in. There is a lot of traffic and machinery and you don’t want to be in a daze and walk in front of a pallet being moved.

There are many nationalities on board and people doing many different jobs so be grateful you are in the entertainment department and have a bit more freedom than some of the other crew members. Take time to understand other peoples positions and learn about different cultures and for sure learn a few words in other languages.

Your contract and time on board is what you make of it. So enjoy every moment and ensure you arrive hope at the end of your contract tanned and full of great stories. Not absolutely knackered and needing to go to a detox clinic! Have fun 🙂

My new career at Sea!


“Here is my picture working on bingo, as a cruise director staff. Everything is going really great since the time I started my Interviews. The process went very quickly and I always felt that I could count on my recruiter Dani from KMCC for everything. I’ve been super happy with my job and all I can say is a big thank you for the opportunity!”
Best regards,
Gabrielle Matos

Every day people start a new career at sea and board a ship, somewhere in the world, looking for a new adventure. It’s daunting and exciting and we try our very best to prepare these new hires for this big step into a career at sea. From the moment we screen a candidates resume we set people up for success and being brutally honest is part of that. We pull no punches and ensure that we give our candidates all the information they will need to get through the hiring process and get ready to join a ship.

It is a lot! Medical exams,  visas, saying goodbye to the family dog, packing for 6 months. We know, we have all been there, and that I believe that is the secret of our success as recruiters. We are people who care, who have lived on ships and who know what life at sea is all about so we can prepare our candidates and tell them exactly what to expect when they get on board.  We know, from the moment we Skype interview someone, if they have exactly what it takes to make a new life on board a cruise ship!

The greatest reward is helping people begin a new adventure and then getting the wonderful feedback from them and  we receive many e mails and messages from our new recruits and photos of them exploring new and exciting destinations.

So, as I write this today in my office in Florida I realize how lucky I was to have had a great career at sea and sometimes I do miss those Cruise Staff days; (even the bunk bed cabin and running around to check bingo numbers!) It was a blast. I made ships my career and became a Cruise Director and always had a lot of fun and certainly adventures.

The great news is, 20 years later I have a Facebook full of ship friends I met as Cruise Staff and am still part of this amazing community of ship people! So if you have never considered ship life, you really should. You have nothing to lose and only amazing experiences and new frienships to gain. BINGO!



Love at Sea “It happens all the time”

I would have to say that a huge percentage of my friends met on cruise ships!! My brother Wayne met his wife Jen on a Disney ship, I met my husband Dave on a Royal Caribbean ship, Nick met Joe on a Carnival ship ( they are the cute couple in the photo). I think it’s the sea air and fun atmosphere that inspires romance! I actually hosted a wedding at our house last year for two of our musicians Paul and Sonia who met on a Norwegian Cruise line ship! Paul is from England and Sonia from Colombia. Cruise ships are a melting pot of nationalities and people and you never know who you might meet. However pick your partners carefully because the crew bar and I95 ( crew walkway) become very small places when you are trying to avoid someone!!

However its always the best place to meet lifelong friends, have amazing options of people to visit while on vacation and certainly possibly meet the love of your life!!

The kiss of the ocean, you have to love it! Karen @kmccrecruit

Paul and Sonia


Skype time

Hi everyone,

Because we are recruiting people from all over the world Skype is the way of todays interviewers , especially to work on the cruise liners. It is so important that you are logged on and ready. You need to treat this as a regular interview so set up your computer well in advance and do a test call so you know the sound is working and you can be seen clearly, from the waist up in the screen. Dress smartly, just as if you were attending a regular interview and do your research!!  Read up on the company you are interviewing with and ensure you have carefully read over the job description and can answer questions about the position and about the cruise line.

Speak clearly, show your personality and don’t over answer questions. lengthy explanations are unnecessary and you only have a limited time to make a great impression and get that job!!!

Good Luck, Karen

The Team

We are a team of people who have all worked in the entertainment industry and also had amazing careers at sea. Our combined expertise allows us to guide our candidates through the multiple levels of screening and ensure everyone is ready and prepared for their first adventure on a cruise ship.


Before you leave on your trip make sure you have everything you need and create a checklist: original copy of your medical, visa and passport, money, contact list for the port agent, your tickets and itinerary.

First blog post by Karen Maybury

Well this is it! A brand new website and year three of my recruitment endeavors!! How did it it all start? To be honest, my friend Jan Thomas really loved recruitment and talked me into it! She thought we should use our combined expertise to help young people get careers on ships. We both had enjoyed the most amazing life experience at sea and between us felt we had all aspects of the shipboard entertainment teams covered. Jan had worked in recruitment for a few years and wanted to use some of her free time interviewing potential theater techs. I had been a Cruise Director for many years and knew all the in’s and out’s of the various positions especially the cruise and youth staff roles.

Karen, Nora, Jan
 Jan, Nora and I on board the MS Sovereign of the Seas

Jan and I met when I was a cruise staff and she was a production manager way back in 1993 on board the “Sovereign of the Seas”. At that time the Sovereign was one of the biggest ships in the world! I had never been on a ship and thought I was coming on board to MC shows and do some stand up comedy and Jan was hard at work running the theater. Jan probably spent a lot of time keeping me out of trouble and explaining my northern sense of humor to baffled American guests. I had no idea what a shuffleboard puck was let alone why people would want to hit it up and down and was disappointed to know that my MC skills would only be used occasionally for the Guest Talent Show and explaining the mystifying rules of Horse Racing. That being said, we became fast friends and once I had got over the initial trauma of organizing ping-pong tournaments for 80 ( very competitive) people a day I went on to have a  fabulous and rewarding career of over 20 years at sea.


So here I am today, to share my knowledge, my connections, my experiences and give my support to people who want to venture off to the high seas. I may share some saucy secrets along the way and certainly most likely tell a few outrageous tales of what we all got up to back then! But you know? That’s what made it all worthwhile! It’s about living life to the fullest and having an adventure and I do hope that some of my shipboard colleagues will share a few tales as we go along. Get ready for some fun! KMCC is hitting the high seas again!

Jan and Karen unhappy in Alaska.jpg
Jan and Karen in Alaska hiding from some toothless wonders!

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