Life on Board

So now you have filled out numerous forms, passed your medical, have your C1D visa and are now sat on the plane flying to your new career. Whats next?

You should expect the next few days to  be  a whirlwind! Once you arrive at your destination and have collected your luggage, you will head to the arrivals hall and be met by the port agent who will take you to the provided hotel. If you are going to be in a shared bunk bed cabin on board then there is a good chance you may also be sharing your first nights hotel room so be ready to make new friends immediately! Most cruise lines usually have left meal vouchers at the hotel reception and chances are your pick up to go to the ship will be in the early hours of tomorrow morning so GET SOME SLEEP!!

A shuttle bus will take you and your fellow crew members off to the ship and you will need to head through security and begin a very long sign on process. Check you have your original medical, passport, letter of employment and important documents handy.

Some of the first people who you meet will be the crew purser, safety officer and security officer. They will brief you on the ships rules and regulations and you will have a tour of the ship and learn some basic safety information. You will then meet your supervisor and hopefully your ” buddy”, who will be a fellow crew member, and who will answer questions and get you situated.

The first day is very full on with a lot of information so follow the schedule you have been given and try to take as much as you can in. Don’t worry, 4 weeks from now it will all be second nature. Just treat it as a great adventure!

You will also do a lot of trainings including the very important safety and lifeboat drills so do understand your first few weeks are very intense but also a lot of fun!                17424659_1262795833758142_5282697830466054145_n

You normally get paid every two weeks in US dollars using the “Ocean Pay” system on an “Ocean Pay card”. Your manager or the payroll purser will explain this cashless system and also how you can send money home.

There is always internet access on board but it can get pricey so most crew members use the internet available at crew centers in the ports of call and at bars and restaurants. You can also purchase phone cards to phone home and apps like “WhatsApp” and “Skype” are an effective way to communicate with your family.

For those of you joining a Carnival ship this link will provide you with many answers to your questions:

Click here for some information and watch the video courtesy Carnival Cruise Lines.

Carnival information for crew


The team at KMCC are always available to answer your questions and help you get adjusted so do reach out and one of the team will get right back to you. All of the cruise lines will send you information specific to that line and you will have a lot of support from their shoreside teams.

Bon Voyage!

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