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“Providing a creative platform for people to stand on” (or in this case “stilt training on board the Norwegian Breakaway!”)

The team at KMCC are all about giving people the right tools to succeed. We have a team of established trainers who are able to work with your team and our management team collaborate with our clients to ensure that their activity product is being developed in the right way. We can write SOP’s, develop new strategies and programming and most importantly work, with the teams and show them the correct way to deliver activities!

We can teach people about stage presence and developing their MC skills. We coach on the correct way to deal with people and handle challenging situations. We can provide manuals and video support  and a “train the trainer” philosophy so that long after we have left the resort or ship,  the in-house management team can continue to ensure brand standards and company policies are followed and delivered.

The key to product success on board cruise ships and in resorts is consistency and we understand the importance of always delivering high calibre activity programming and meeting and exceeding the guests expectations time after time.

We have a team of talented trainers who are available to come out and asses your current operation and give comprehensive feedback. We are also able to travel to your resort/cruise ship and train your current staff on all aspects of recreation and technical skills.

This includes:
Innovative art and recreational activities for youngsters.
Extensive music and dj programs for all ages.
Hosting and microphone techniques adding tips to captivating your audience and the “know how” to obtain maximum client focus and full attention.
We can provide original material to be used for game shows, trivia and many other entertainment activities.

Program Writing
Karen Maybury has the proven ability to completely revamp and develop programs for your children and adult programming needs. Working with a talented team of creative writers, producers and directors, Karen will give you a dynamic and innovative program designed to please your customers and increase revenue and repeat clientele. With the ability to provide programming for babies as young as 6 months to adults the team at KMCC will impact your business with a dynamic and creative force to be reckoned with.

Resource Center
We have developed an exclusive resource center providing valuable information for any clients or staff members who are running our programs. Every activity, script, manual, music, audio or video tool that we have written are stored in a library so we can continue to provide the resources and tools needed to effectively deliver our product and the one we have created especially for you.

The resource center also contains job descriptions and further information and handbooks for cruise ship employees and entertainers.

Please go ahead and call us and we will be delighted to come and meet your team and deliver a full presentation of what we can do for you!

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